Become part of a dynamic and stimulating organization.





Become part of a dynamic and stimulating organization.





Great career opportunities

Numero Blu is a leading Italian company in the Contact Center services sector, a solid and independent reality that has 1,500 operators located in 8 offices and numerous HUBs located throughout the national territory. In its 30 years of activity, it has grown its know-how and expertise by enriching the quality and variety of the offer, thus becoming a point of reference in customer management. That’s why it can offer you the opportunity to develop your career in an informal, stimulating and challenging environment, with great opportunities for internal growth, both for operatives and staff members.

The ideal place to develop your potential

Ever since its birth, Numero Blu has paid great attention to creating a healthy, inclusive, creative and stimulating work environment. Today, those who join it perceive it as the ideal place to grow humanly and professionally and develop their potential.
This is made possible by its “human centricity”, which translates into:

  • professional growth accompanied by careful and constant training aimed at developing both technical skills and soft skills;
  • stimulating and challenging working atmosphere, with the possibility of working for important companies and leading brands in the sector;
  • value appreciation of resources and incentives for employee engagement;
  • coaching by expert tutors for a professional guide to learning;
  • hybrid and flexible working model, for a balance between private and working life of collaborators;
  • involvement in virtuous activities that encourage green behaviour, such as the “Health Challenges”.

Numero Blu Academy: the “human” evolution of professional training

Numero Blu Academy is an innovative, permanent learning project that is fully part of the company’s “human centric” approach.

Developed by the HR department, the initiative aims at enhancing the skills of call center operators in order to accompany them, with a structured method, in a path of professional growth that opens the way for team leadership positions, but also to consolidate the skills for continuous improvement of individual and team performance.

The main goals of Numero Blu Academy are:

  • analyzing and evaluating the main skills and areas for improvement through a structured assessment of potential;
  • strengthening and completing the skills for maintaining the role;
  • developing knowledge and skills for role transfers. 

“The Numero Blu Academy, puts to good use our 30 years of experience by launching a continuous and methodologically structured process of assessing the potential and professional growth of the talents present in the company, thus creating increasingly solid and prepared leaders”.

Dott. Andrea D’Amico
Numero Blu HR Director

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