Note Legali

Terms and conditions of use of the Portal

The Portal (below the “Portal“) is property of NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A., Legal and Administrative Residence in Via di Monte Carmelo, 5 – 00166 Rome, P.IVA (VAT)/C.F./R.I. RM 08898571008 – R.E.A. 1125501, Social Capital: 120.000 Euro, fully paid up, that also manages it as Data Controller – pursuant to art. 28 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, containing the “Code for the protection of personal data” (below also “Privacy Code”) and to art, 24 and following of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27th 2016 (below also “Regulation”) – of the Users who surf inside it and/or access to the following Sections:

  • Restricted Area”, in order to consult Qualitative Reports of CRM Applications and telephone Quantitative Reports of the Service;

  • Careers”, in order to submit job applications;

  • Contact us”, in order to send messages and communication.

The Portal has informative nature. The access to it is free, except for the Sections for which it is necessary to have authentication credentials; and the use of its contents is subjected to the full respect of these Legal Notes which are considered accepted, without reserve, with the vision, access and use of the Portal.

Legal Notes also apply to all the Services provided to Users in the Portal through the connection or access to same. If the User does not intend to accept the present Legal Notes, they are invited not to use the Portal and not to download any material from it. Any illegitimate or non-compliant use of data or information contained in it will be prosecuted in the forms of law.


NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. reserves the right to modify at will the present Legal Notes, publishing the relevant new version on the Portal. The Portal use should be intended subordinate to the acceptance of these Legal Notes, as applicable from time to time.

Liability limits

Information contained in this Portal can be technically inaccurate or vitiated by typographical errors. Information can be modified or updated without notice. NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. may also improve, change or erase some Sections of this Portal without notice. In this sense, NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A takes no responsibilities for mistakes or direct and indirect damages to Users or third persons for the interpretation or the use of the contents, of the materials or documents published in the Portal, except in case of fraud or gross negligence.

NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A commits itself to use the best technology of which it is aware of and the best resources at disposal to provide the Services of the Portal.

NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. will not be considered in any way responsible for any damages possibly caused and/or deriving from download operations carried out in any capacity of files available on the Portal’s pages. NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. will therefore not be considered responsible for any and all damages caused by the erroneous, pernicious or not authorized use of the material contained in the Portal.

NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. has an IT safety system periodically updated. In no way it will be considered responsible for the transmission of malware, trojan, viruses, worm, ransomware, scareware, keylogger, backdoor/bot, adware, spyware, and other harmful software that may infect the IT equipment used by the Portal’s User.

NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted access to the Portal and to its Services. In case of interruption, NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. commits itself to reactivate the Portal in the shortest possible time.

NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. declines any responsibility for the possible claims related to the impossibility of using the Services eventually provided, including the access to the Section “Client Area”, “Careers”, “Contact us” for any reason.

NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. does not take responsibility for damages, claims or losses – direct or indirect – deriving from failure and/ or faulty operation of the Users electronic equipment. NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. will not be considered defaulting to its obligations nor responsible for the damages deriving from the non-provision of Services due to wrong or lacking functioning of the IT communication equipment for causes outside the sphere of its predictable control, including – by way of example – fires, natural disasters, lack of power, non-availability of telephone lines or of other suppliers of network services, malfunction of software installed by users or due to action of other Users or persons who access the network.

Intellectual Property

The contents of the Portal’s pages are Copyright © of the company NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A.. The contents of the Portal’s pages cannot be – totally or partially – copied, reproduced, transferred, uploaded, published or distributed without the prior written consent of NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A., except the possibility of storing them in the computer or to print excerpts of this Portal’s pages only for personal use purpose. It is forbidden the non-authorized change, counterfeit or use – totally or partially – of the material contained in the Portal. All the materials included in the Portal – included as example all the texts, software, HTML-/Java-/Flash- codes, pictures, videos, graphics, music and sounds are protected by copyright, and are intellectual and industrial property whose owner is NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A..

The download, as well as the use of the contents, of the material and of the Services of the Portal is exclusively allowed for private and not commercial purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the law. The brands and logos that appear on this Portal are property of NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A.. All the rights are reserved. They cannot be used on any other Internet Portal different from the Portal without the prior written consent of NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A..

User’s obligations

The User commits him/herself to use the Portal with diligence and good faith, respecting the present Legal Notes in order not to compromise the stability, the safety and the quality of Portal’s Services. The User commits him/herself – as explanation but not limited to – not to: (a) use programs or other automatic or manual equipment to monitor or copy the Portal’s web pages or their content without the written authorization of NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A.; (b) use any tool / device / equipment, software or procedure that can interfere with the correct functioning of the Portal or with the possible transactions concluded in the Portal itself; (c) carry out any action that can cause an unreasonable overload of activities of the technological and system infrastructures.

The User also commits him/herself not to use the Portal’s services for illicit purposes and not to violate in any way all the applicable national and international – also regulatory – norms. Moreover, the User commits him/herself to respect the Netiquette rules available at the address:

Specifically, the user commits him/herself not to introduce – or not having third parties introducing – contents that violate privacy, copyrights and intellectual property, or pornographic, blasphemous or offensive contents that can in some way damage or put in danger the image of third parties or of NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. Moreover, the User commits him/herself not to carry out – through their own access to Internet – any acts of computer piracy.


The user acknowledges being the only and exclusive responsible for the activities carried out through the Portal or to them directly referable, and specifically to be responsible for the contents and the communication entered, published, spread and broadcasted on or through the Portal’s Services. Therefore NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. cannot be in any case considered responsible for illicit actions – penal, civil and administrative – carried out by the User through the Portal.

The User undertakes to release from liability and in any case to keep undamaged NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. by any action, instance, claim, cost or expenditure, included the reasonable legal expenses eventually deriving to it from the missed respect by the User of the undertaken obligations and of the guarantees taken and in any case connected to the use of the Portal by the User.

Moreover, the User totally undertakes all the responsibilities about the content of his/her messages and texts possibly sent to the Portal and accessible to a large number of Users, acknowledging him/herself the sole responsible person and relieving NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A.. – as well as the subjects to it connected or by it controlled, its representatives, employees or any other partner of NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A.. – from any consequent claim for damages or payback, and reimbursing NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. of any cost deriving from claims or actions of third parties for damages caused by the User or by persons by them authorized to access the Services, and from any charge, damage, cost, expenditure (also legal) and/or prejudicial consequence due to the illegitimate – or non-compliant – use (included the hypothesis of slight fault) following the instructions received and all the applicable procedures of password and/or username, even in the hypothesis in which the illegitimate use of password and/or user name occurred before the theft and /or loss report to the public authorities and to NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A…

Personal data communication

In order to submit possible job applications to the Section “Careers”, to send messages in the Section “Contact us”, it is necessary to fill in the “screen” that will appear on the monitor.

In order to carry out this filling, NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. requires to the User the indication of some personal data. The processing of those data by NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. is indicated with the modalities explained in the ‘PRIVACY POLICY”, pursuant to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27th 2016 (below “Regulation”) and D.Lgs. 196/03 “Code for the protection of personal data” which precedes the registration procedure. The User commits him/herself to declare their updated, correct and truthful personal data. Moreover, the User commits him/herself to timely update the registered data in order to have them always complete and truthful.

Interruption of services

In cases of particular gravity and urgency, NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the provision of the Services provided in the Portal, either in the specific section “Client Area”, or in other Portal’s Sections, even without a previous communication to the Client and/or User if it notices – at its sole discretion and/or following a warning by a third party – signs which indicate that the modalities of use of the Service by the Client and/or User might directly or indirectly cause damages to NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. or to third parties, as well as compromise the stability, safety and quality of the Services offered in sharing, without prejudice to the right to compensation for damages.

Without prejudice to the above, NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A reserves the right to suspend the Services on the Portal if – at its sole discretion or through warning by third parties – it considers that the Client and/or User violates the obligations foreseen in the present Conditions of Use of the service.

NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. may interrupt the providing of the Services on the Portal with immediate effect and without need of previous communication, also in the following cases: 1) when the personal data provided by User are not updated, complete and truthful; 2) when the Services are used for illegal purposes or for the transmission or exchange of illicit, molest, racist, slanderous or defamatory material, detrimental to privacy of others, unauthorized, threatening, damaging, vulgar, obscene or immoral in any other ways or that violates – or might violate – intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights of third parties; that causes in any way harassment, disturbance or damage to minors (violence, pedophilia, exploitation) or if it is against to public order or morality; or 3) when the Conditions of Use of the Portal are violated.


NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. does not undertake any responsibility for materials created by third parties with whom the Portal is linked to. The User who decides to visit a web-page connected to the Portal does it at his/her own risk, undertaking the burden of taking all the necessary measures against viruses or other destructive elements. The connection with other sites does not imply that NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. sponsors or is affiliated to the entities that carry out the services described in those sites.

Law and jurisdiction

These conditions of use of the Portal are regulated by the Italian, Community and international law – where applicable – and by the sector regulatory discipline.

For any dispute related to the conditions of use of the Portal, for professional users, the Foro di Roma (Forum of Rome) will have jurisdiction and absolute authority. For consumer Users, the residence Forum or residence of the User will have exclusive jurisdiction, if in Italy.


All the communication related to the Conditions of Use of the Portal should be sent to the
NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. electronic mail address: .

All he communication of NUMERO BLU SERVIZI S.P.A. to the User is intended valid – therefore acknowledged by User – when sent to the electronic mail address indicated by the User at the time of registration.